Is the World Divided Into People Who Know Billy Bush Is One of 'Those' Bushes and People Who Don't?

Earlier today, when reading about the drama going on among the dressing room-hungy staffers at NBC’s Todayl, I came across a sentence that claimed human-shaped “that’s what she said” joke Billy Bush and Jenna Bush Hager were cousins. I assumed it was some kind of horrible typo, but after doing a bit of research


Confused Americans Really Admire Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump and Pope Francis

A new Gallup poll shows that Hillary Clinton has been named the most admired woman in America for 20 years in a row. That victory might be a little sweeter if the poll wasn’t pretty clearly based on name recognition alone: Americans also say they admire President Obama, Pope Francis, Donald Trump, and—sure, why…


New Hampshire Loves Bernie Sanders, and That's Really Messing Things Up for Hillary Clinton 

Without being privy to any inside information, it’s safe to say that Hillary Clinton would like to enter her spring without hearing another word about Bernie Sanders. Really messing that up for her: Live Free or Die New Hampshire, which is turning into a Sanders love-fest, even among undeclared voters.

Poll: Whose Fault Is It that Ben Carson is Pulling Ahead of Donald Trump in the Polls? 

Neurosurgeon and man who’s so soft-spoken you almost don’t notice everything he says is bonkers Ben Carson is tip-toeing ahead of Donald Trump in at least one national poll. It’s the first time this election cycle anyone other than Trump has been in the lead on the Republican side. Who’s to blame for this?