Chelsea Clinton's Marriage Is Just Fine, Thank You Very Much

Following an onslaught of stories about the possible decay of Chelsea Clinton's marriage to Marc Mezvinsky, the two have been spotted out and about on the town in the last two weeks. Even if these appearances had been planned way in advance, it still looked like spin control. Not that attending events as a couple… »2/18/11 3:50pm2/18/11 3:50pm


Cindy McCain's Fashion: Change Or More Of The Same?

The new issue of US Weekly »9/10/08 6:10pm9/10/08 6:10pm contains a two-page spread celebrating "Cindy's Makeover," which features her various outfits from the Republican convention last week. But what's so different about Cindy's style? Could it be that the reportedly size 0 Cindy is hiding her shape in clothes that are a few sizes too big? Is…

Nancy Pelosi: Love Her Or Hate Her, There's No "Ambiguity" About Her Sense Of Style

Nancy Pelosi grew up in a tough Baltimore Italian political machine family, met her husband in a Georgetown summer class about sub-Saharan Africa, had five kids in five years, is presently the most powerful woman in Washington, and is presently loathed by the Clinton campaign, some supporters of which charge — oh for… »6/02/08 4:00pm6/02/08 4:00pm

'Teen Vogue' And Rachel Zoe: A Match Made In Purge-atory

  • We always wondered why Rachel Zoe and Teen Vogue's self-promoting interns had never joined forces before. They're like the peanut butter and jelly of DANTE'S INFERNO, after all. Current intern Elana Fishman will pose in the gagazine's October issue as a model in a fashion spread. EWWWWWWWWW. [Fashion Week Daily]
  • Dolce…
  • »8/09/07 10:00am8/09/07 10:00am