Donald Trump's Spokesperson Accidentally Emails Reporter Cunning Plan to Attack Clinton on Whitewater

It’s another great day in the presidential campaign of stately hot dog casing Donald Trump, whose spokeswoman accidentally emailed a Politico reporter the inside details about a new plan to attack Hillary Clinton over a very old real estate scandal. Hope Hicks appears to have confused the reporter with a Trump…

Trump to Release the Biggest, Most Beautiful Medical Records You've Ever Seen

Enraged Gak spill Donald Trump spent the past few days refusing to release his medical records, something that’s customary for presidential candidates, before announcing this morning that he’ll release them within two weeks. They will show “perfection,” he added, as we all suddenly gagged in unison.

Dick Cheney Took the Stage Last Night to Darth Vader's Theme Song 

Dick Cheney emerged from the lead-lined underground chamber where he keeps his backup hearts on Thursday night to give a speech in Florida. He strode onstage to the Imperial March from Star Wars, aka Darth Vader’s theme song. Cheney has previously said he is “honored” when Democrats and Jon Stewart compare him to…