N.H. State Rep: Harassment Policy Violates My Rights to Jokingly Harass People

The New Hampshire House of Representatives has been an amazing repository for good ideas lately. In December, we had that fun incident where a female state rep was harassed by her male colleagues for condemning a sexist bill. Now, we have a couple of state reps bravely taking a stance against a new harassment policy,…

Your Next President Donald Trump Is Being Denied His God-Given Secret Service Security Detail 

The Department of Homeland Security has not yet assigned a Secret Service security detail to your next president and ruler for life, Donald Trump. Big mistake. Yooge. Because Trump will complain about it for several weeks to anyone in earshot before submitting the request in writing he actually needs to submit to get…

"Don't Say Gay" Tennessee Republican to be Lampooned in Musical

You remember state Sen. Stacey Campfield, don't you? He's the Tennessee lawmaker who tried to make it illegal in Tennessee for teachers to discuss anything about sexuality with their students, and then, because that wasn't enough, tried to make it so that if schools found out a student's orientation, the schools would…

Florida GOP Rep: New School Curriculum Will 'Turn Your Child Gay'

Like any other change to educational standards, Florida's implementation of the new "Common Core" has come under fire for all the reasons you'd expect of new curriculums. However, if you believe one Florida politician, the worst part is the new standards are totally capable of turning all Floridian children gay.