Why Do Political Wives Choose the Same Choice?

Janna Ryan, as in Paul's wife, as in America's potential future Second Lady, spends most of the year in her house in Janesville, Wisconsin, raising three young children as a stay-at-home mom while her husband is off doing Man Work in Washington. But it wasn't always that way. In fact, before Janna met Paul, back when… » 8/24/12 7:40pm 8/24/12 7:40pm

Jenny Sanford Takes Infidelity, Makes Lemonade

Back in August, we weren't that impressed with Jenny Sanford's reaction to her husband's "Appalachian Trail" dalliances. But now that she's using his infidelity as a springboard for her own projects, we (sort of) dig her. » 11/30/09 7:20pm 11/30/09 7:20pm