Oh My God, This Song for Hillary Clinton Is Beyond Awful

The GOP gets a lot of (well-earned) grief around here for abysmal ads, such as the classic that framed the Florida governor's race as a Say Yes to the Dress episode. But this music video trumpeting Hillary Clinton for 2016 might be the worst piece of political persuasion I've ever seen. It is fucking terrible. »12/04/14 12:50pm12/04/14 12:50pm

Babies, Khakis and Minivans: Meet the Women Behind those 'Concerned Mom' Political Ads

As November approaches, she'll become so ubiquitous that you'll swear you know her. You overhear her conversations with her husband, you see the concern on her face as she balances a baby on her hip while musing aloud about the future of Medicare. Barack Obama wants to take my baby's piggy bank, she'll say, in a less… »9/20/12 2:10pm9/20/12 2:10pm

Samuel L. Jackson to Use String of Expletives to Urge Americans to Vote for President Obama

This isn't a setup for a hilarious joke; it's the goddamn truth — the same SuperPAC that brought us that ad where Sarah Silverman offered to scissor Sheldon Adelson in a bikini bottom is behind a new ad that will show Samuel L. Jackson doing what he does best: dropping F bombs. »9/14/12 4:00pm9/14/12 4:00pm

No, John McCain, You Can't Really Win Just By Showing Up

  • John McCain will be debating after all tonight in Mississippi, and I'll be live-blogging it at 9:00 ET to help you get through it. [Washington Post]
  • As the ad indicates, McCain started declaring victory in the debate right about the same time he decided to attend it. Talk about lowered expectations. [CNN]
  • Everyone from…
  • »9/26/08 6:30pm9/26/08 6:30pm