Hate Group Bullies School Board Into Rescinding Basic Rights for Transgender Students

Here's some shitty news. Four days after unanimously approving policy allowing a few very basic rights to transgender students, the East Aurora School District 131 in Illinois has revoked it, claiming that they didn't allow time for input from state officials. We all know this is a bunch of bullshit because the… »10/24/12 10:00am10/24/12 10:00am

Miss Universe Wisely Decides to Allow Transgender Women Into Their Pageants

In what is a major step forward for transgender women looking to live out the pageant queen's dream, the Miss Universe Organization announced today that they will officially change their rules to allow transgender contestants to into their pageants. That means they'll not only be allowed to compete for Miss Universe,… »4/11/12 9:15pm4/11/12 9:15pm

5 Lessons From The First School Shooter Who Was Allowed To "Teach" Us Something

Remember this guy? It's the Northern Illinois school shooter, the one who was such a nice bighearted hardworking humanist before he killed five students before turning the gun on his own throat last Valentine's Day. Steve Kazmierczak is the name. I would say it's a shame more school shooters don't have easier names,… »7/30/08 5:00pm7/30/08 5:00pm

Attorney General Gonzales Resigns; Probably There Is A 'Sweet Valley High' Lesson In There Somewhere

Alberto Gonzales "resigned" after forcing "resignations" out of a bunch of US attorneys who weren't as pathologically loyal to Bush as he was and then suffering a lot of amnesia about how that all came about. What's most remarkable about this is that without being a spooky hatemongering Bible-thumping ideologue, this… »8/27/07 10:15am8/27/07 10:15am