Erica Garner Says She Was Lied to So That She'd Appear at Obama's Town Hall on Race Relations

On Thursday, President Obama hosted a Town Hall meeting on race relations in Washington D.C. that aired on ABC, with guests affected by police violence in the United States. That included police officers and the families of Alton Sterling and Eric Garner. Garner’s daughter, Erica, was not happy with how it went.

Jay Z Liberates Himself, Raps About Police Shootings and Trauma On 'Spiritual'

As high up as he is, Jay Z seems to feel just as disoriented as the rest of us, with a similar sense of restlessness, so in the middle of the night he released the song “Spiritual” on Tidal. It was recorded years ago, though it could’ve been made any day in the past few years on which a fatal police shooting occurred.

What I Learned About the Washington Post From Four Years Collecting Data on Police Violence

Earlier this month, the Washington Post was awarded the 2016 Pulitzer Prize for National Reporting for its project on police violence, “Fatal Force.” The Pulitzer Prize Board singled out the paper “For its revelatory initiative in creating and using a national database to illustrate how often and why the police shoot…


Lawsuit Alleges That Daniel Holtzclaw Attacked Seven Women While He Was Being Investigated 

Over a week ago, five of Daniel Holtzclaw’s victims filed suit against Oklahoma City and its police department alleging that the police department allowed Holtzclaw to continue active duty work after a sexual assault complaint was lodged. According to The Guardian, the lawsuit counters the narrative presented at…

Beyoncé's Dancers Pose With Activists' Sign As Tribute to Mario Woods

When Beyoncé and her dancers appeared on the field last night, it was clear that the superstar’s performance carried a political message – from the lyrics of her new single “Formation” to her dancers’ costumes, described as an “homage to the Black Panther Party.” And at the request of Black Lives Matter activists, a…

Fox News, Other Idiots Upset That Beyoncé Used the Halftime Show to 'Attack Police Officers'

In a world where the subways are allowed to totally stop without warning or explanation, where you can travel 40 minutes to Ikea for a florshmarm end table only to find out they are out of stock, where sometimes there is wifi and sometimes there isn’t—it’s nice to know that Fox News will always, reliably, be Fox News.