Cop vs. Kid: Watch RTJ's Video for 'Close Your Eyes (& Count to Fuck)'

Run the Jewels just released a chilling political allegory of a video for their standout track "Close Your Eyes (And Count to Fuck)," which features Rage Against the Machine's Zack de la Rocha on the hook and the last verse. Shot in black and white, the video is black versus white: a cop and a kid, fighting and… » 3/26/15 12:20pm Thursday 12:20pm

Police Chained Martese Johnson's Feet the Night of His Arrest

Since news of third-year UVA student Martese Johnson's brutal and unjustifiably violent arrest came in a week ago, there have been some important updates to the story: first and most importantly, that 20-year-old Johnson was not attempting to use a fake ID, as earlier, unconfirmed reports (and my earlier blog… » 3/25/15 10:30am 3/25/15 10:30am

Here's Video of Martese Johnson's Arrest and a Statement from UVA

Following up on the story of Martese Johnson's violent arrest at the University of Virginia, the Cavalier Daily has obtained a partial video of the incident, credited to Bryan Beaubrun. It begins after the altercation between Johnson and the Alcohol and Beverage Control agents, when Johnson is already on the ground;… » 3/18/15 6:05pm 3/18/15 6:05pm

Reports: Black UVA Student Beaten by Police for Having Fake ID

On Tuesday night, a third-year student at the University of Virginia named Martese Johnson was reportedly thrown to the ground by local law enforcement and bloodied in public on the main social drag of campus—all apparently because he tried to use a fake ID. » 3/18/15 3:30pm 3/18/15 3:30pm

Ex-Employee Says James O'Keefe Tried to Incite Violence Against Cops

A former employee for conservative shit-raker and misleading gotcha video maker James O'Keefe told the New York Post today that O'Keefe hired an agent to go undercover at protest meetings and talk about wanting to "kill cops." » 3/18/15 9:50am 3/18/15 9:50am

An Anonymous Cop Is Here to Answer All Your Questions About the Police

Police officers turn up a lot in Gawker stories, but unless they're a department commissioner giving a press conference or a union leader loudly berating a public official, it's rare that they actually have a voice. What does the average beat cop think about Darren Wilson or Daniel Pantaleo? What is he looking for… » 3/17/15 11:24am 3/17/15 11:24am

Stupid Teen Has Black Boyfriend Arrested for Prom Prank

Teens are idiots. Case in point: A teenage girl arranged for her black boyfriend to be arrested by a real police officer as a way of asking him to prom. Get it? It's funny because an unarmed black kid who hasn't committed a crime has absolutely no reason to fear the police. » 3/11/15 6:10pm 3/11/15 6:10pm

Ferguson Police Chief to Finally Resign. Bye. 

Ferguson Police Chief Tom Jackson has resigned from his position following an abysmal handling of the Mike Brown shooting and a U.S. Justice Department report that found the Ferguson Police Department to be a gang of racist thugs. » 3/11/15 5:30pm 3/11/15 5:30pm

Detroit Police Officer Who Killed Seven-Year-Old Girl Won't be Charged

Seven-year-old Aiyana Stanley-Jones was shot and killed during a SWAT-style police raid in May, 2010. On Friday, the final charges against Joseph Weekley, the police officer who killed the girl, were dismissed. » 1/31/15 2:00pm 1/31/15 2:00pm

The Cops Don't Care About Violent Online Threats. What Do We Do Now?

I. "Hey Anna, do you like pizza?" I was just sitting down to dinner one evening this past November when I looked through some new Twitter notifications on my phone. My night, I realized regretfully, was about to get very, very stupid. » 1/29/15 3:10pm 1/29/15 3:10pm

Actual Idiots Need to Be Told Not to Call 911 About Facebook Outage

Last night, the internet suffered a devastating blow when both Facebook and Instagram went down for a short period of time during my nap. While I wasn't personally affected, apparently lots of other people were. And they were so worried that they'd miss someone's meal that they began calling 911 to demand Facebook be… » 1/27/15 7:45pm 1/27/15 7:45pm

Kitten Will Do Everything It Can to Stop Cop From Writing Ticket

Here is an adorable kitten climbing all over a cop in Texas who is just trying to do his job. Typical cat, making it all about themselves. » 1/12/15 9:00pm 1/12/15 9:00pm

Police Now Happy to Supervise Spankings to Make Sure They're Legal

It's not well-advertised, but if a parent wants to disciple their child in Florida (at least Okeechobee but probably all over) with a spanking, they can have a police officer come and watch to make sure that it's on the up-and-up and no one's doing anything illegal. » 1/01/15 2:00pm 1/01/15 2:00pm

Ferguson Protesters Pepper-Sprayed After Storming St. Louis Police HQ

A group of 75 protestors occupied the St. Louis Police police department headquarters earlier this evening. The protesters marched through the city and then congregated in front of the headquarters where they demanded that all those "occupying the department" be removed. » 1/01/15 12:30am 1/01/15 12:30am

Black Man Filming Video for Ellen Gets Assaulted By NYPD

Dancing is basically the most dangerous and assaultive thing one can do in public. Especially if one's doing it while black. Just watch this video for evidence. » 12/30/14 4:40pm 12/30/14 4:40pm

Dozens Clash With Police After Killing of Allegedly Armed Black Teen 

Berkeley, Mo. police shot and killed a reportedly armed 18-year-old while performing "a routine business check" at a Mobil gas station just miles away from where Michael Brown was killed by Darren Wilson in Ferguson. The teen was with a friend when he allegedly pointed a gun at the officer late Tuesday night. » 12/24/14 8:44am 12/24/14 8:44am

Cop Previously Charged With Stalking Shoots and Kills Ex-Girlfriend

A Philadelphia area cop with a history of stalking was arrested for shooting and killing his ex-girlfriend on Monday. » 12/17/14 12:30pm 12/17/14 12:30pm

Cop Who Shot Akai Gurley Texted Union Rep While Unarmed Victim Died

Peter Liangthe NYPD rookie cop who drew his weapon on patrol in the Louis H. Pink housing project and shot Akai Gurley out of "jitters"not only texted his union rep while his unarmed victim bled out in a stairwell but also waited over six and a half minutes to radio for help or respond to communication from his… » 12/05/14 10:30am 12/05/14 10:30am