Badass Athlete Unleashes Vigilante Justice Against Her Facebook Stalker

A blundering idiot of a cyberstalker has found the tables turned on him after sending shots of his junk to an Olympic athlete, who in turned posted his name and email address on her Facebook page. Her move has ignited a debate on whether or not she was justified, but if you ask me, he's lucky that's all that she did. » 4/25/12 7:15pm 4/25/12 7:15pm

It Looks Just As Crazy If You Tip Your Monitor Sideways

Shanghai, China, May 15: Croatia's Blanka Vlasic competes in the Women's High Jump event of the Diamond League Athletics meeting (AP Photo/Andy Wong) » 5/15/11 2:18pm 5/15/11 2:18pm

Olympic pole vaulter Jenn Stuczynski isn't bothered by coach Rick Suhr chewing her out on camera » 8/25/08 6:20pm 8/25/08 6:20pm after winning a silver medal, but she upset by the public's reaction. On Saturday, Stuczynski defended her coach, explaining that the cameras didn't capture her asking Suhr what she'd done wrong, the fact that he was…

Golden Girls: Elena Isinbaeva

Russia's Elena Isinbaeva jumps to set a new world record and win the gold medal in the women's pole vault final at the 'Bird's Nest' National Stadium during the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games on August 18, 2008. The reigning double Olympic and world champion bettered her own world record in the women's pole vault. The… » 8/18/08 6:50pm 8/18/08 6:50pm