Hilarious Polar Bear Pillow Pets You on the Head to Keep You From…

Who knew the cure for snoring would be so adorable? Well, maybe adorable is not exactly the right word. Eerily cute, maybe? Or just plain strange. Either way, meet "Jukusui-kun" (meaning "Deep Sleep") the polar-bear-shaped robot that was designed by a Japanese professor to help people with sleep apnea stop snoring.… » 7/01/12 11:15pm 7/01/12 11:15pm

The World's Most Adorable Polar Bear Cub Has World's Most Adorable Belly

Today, in a special North Pole edition of the internet's most adorable animals, we have an astonishingly sweet polar bear cub. His name is Siku, and he is being hand-raised at a zoo in Denmark because his mother couldn't produce milk for him. He's only a month old and, thus, needs 24-hour care. Luckily, he has a… » 12/23/11 7:15pm 12/23/11 7:15pm