Generous Men Will Pay $250 for You to Blow Them During Poker Game

In this economy, it's hard to turn down a decent job opportunity, much less a great one! And lucky for you, lady, this special work offer falls into the latter category. A fine group of card playing "Professionals" in Athens, Georgia are willing to pay you a whole $250 dollars to serve drinks at their poker game. Oh,… »1/24/14 1:45pm1/24/14 1:45pm


Swearing Ladies Are Ruining America, and More Dumb Shit Scalia Says

We all knew that Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia is a testicularly prolific, Judge Judy-level sassy Constitutional originalist who probably turns his chair around backward before he sits in it because he doesn't follow anyone's rules* (*Except the Founding Fathers, and he's a real nerd about it). But in an… »10/07/13 2:30pm10/07/13 2:30pm

If That Is Awkward For You, Please Do Not Apply, I Don't Like Awkwardness.

I'm going to make this short. In fairness to a certain ex-boyfriend. What is it with poker? Specifically, would learning to play it unlock some treasury vault of secrets of the male mind? I started wondering when I got this Craigslist post from Northwestern Connecticut. (Since when did they make a whole Craigslist for… »3/27/08 5:00pm3/27/08 5:00pm