Not Enough Parents Are Hiding Their Happy Pills From Their Kids

You would think that most parents are smart enough to know that their prescription medications' "keep out of reach of children" warning isn't to be taken lightly, but maybe not. Doctors are reporting an increase in incidences of children being brought to the hospital after getting into their moms' and dads' pill… »6/03/13 1:00pm6/03/13 1:00pm


Al Gore Not Running For President, Son In Rehab: Coincidence? We Think Not

  • Al "I'm The Man Who Was Elected President, But Whatever I'm A Movie Star Now" Gore has "fallen out of love" with politics, he says. And thus will not be running for president... again. If this is true, what a drama queen! If this isn't true, what an even bigger drama queen! Simmer down, Al! (And if you need some help…
  • »7/05/07 7:15pm7/05/07 7:15pm