Point/Counterpoint: A Website That Tells You Exactly How Old You Look

It has come to our attention that two computer dudes, innocently futzing around with “Microsoft’s newly released Face Detection APIs,” have invented a website entitled How-Old.net, which enables users to upload their selfies and give the computer algorithm a chance to guess their age. Its existence immediately proved… »4/30/15 3:30pm4/30/15 3:30pm


Should I Be Mad That Another Dad Took My 15-Year-Old Son To Hooters?

Point: Tom Matlack
My son is a freshman at a fine boy's high school run by the Jesuits with a strong tradition of service and athletics. He plays football, basketball, and tennis. He loves his school and, over time, I've grown to love it too. But last week something happened which shook me up. »3/14/11 4:07pm3/14/11 4:07pm

"Modern Love" College Edition: The Most Depressing Ever? I Ask My Sister In College

"Love: Really Now, There Is No Topic More Depressing" is generally the theme of the Sunday New York Times feature "Modern Love," whose most famous installment chronicled the author's efforts to train her husband as she might any other mammal of above-average intelligence. (Other columns have grappled with how hard it… »5/05/08 12:30pm5/05/08 12:30pm

Jessica Biel Shits. And Bleeds. And Farts. Get Over It.

I know that feeling this way is misogynistic and very immature—so don't belabor those points, and if you must just e-mail me—but I really can't deal with the fact that women poop. Sorry. Hearing them fart is bad enough, but seeing them grab the Charmin Ultra economy pack gives me panic attacks the likes of which I…
»7/05/07 4:42pm7/05/07 4:42pm

What To Expect When You're Expecting Too Much From A Movie

Yesterday, hackles were raised after one of us responded to all the hate being directed at the film "Knocked Up" with a sort of love-letter to the film. However, in the interest of being fair and balanced (like Roger Ailes!) we've decided to present a dissenting opinion on the film, which, if all the emails and… »6/05/07 11:43am6/05/07 11:43am