Now That We've Got Neon and Crop Tops, Where Does Plus-Size Go Next?

Shopping as a fat woman is a wholly different experience than five years ago. Once relegated to the Macy's basement, the shitty end of the mall, God forbid the catalogs, now we've got access to neon and sophisticated florals and horizontal stripes and crop tops and two-piece bathing suits. Even the whack garbage is… »9/16/14 10:50am9/16/14 10:50am

Finally! Fashion Students Create a Plus-Size Dress Form

It's pretty obvious that most mainstream fashion has a plus-size problem. This is perhaps epitomized by fact that the "fatkini" sold out instantly — when the needs of plus-sized women are considered by designers (which occurs fare more rarely than it should), the clothing in question is often woefully understocked —… »5/24/13 7:00pm5/24/13 7:00pm

The Plus-Size Supply and Demand Problem: 'Fatkini' Sells Out Instantly

Gabi Gregg's swimwear collaboration with Swimsuits For All was eagerly anticipated by the fashion blogger's thousands of fans. But order fulfillment and inventory issues have left would-be customers disappointed by cancelled orders. And, though many say Swimsuits For All was quick to charge their credit cards, the… »5/23/13 5:00pm5/23/13 5:00pm

H&M Shows Collection On Plus-Size Model, Doesn't Make a Big Deal Of It

If you go to H&M's women's wear homepage right now, you'll see something a little unusual. The megachain is highlighting its new seasonal deliveries on its homepage — "Casual Classics," "Style Update: Black & White," "New Looks April," so much so ordinary. But then there's the "Beachwear" collection. »4/29/13 5:00pm4/29/13 5:00pm