Designer/Director Tom Ford Can't Move His Freakin' Face

  • Tom Ford has spoken: eyebrow wiggling is now a sign of displeasure. "I haven't had any plastic surgery — despite what people think, this is my nose...I have had Restylane and Botox, but I don't think of that as plastic surgery any more. It's true I can't really frown, but I can move my eyebrows, so..." [Guardian]
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What A Girl Needs: A Response To Vogue's Vapid Plum Sykes

"There are three things a woman really needs at 38: a husband, at least one child, and a dress with long sleeves." So says the supremely annoying socialite/ Vogue » 9/22/08 2:00pm 9/22/08 2:00pm editor/chick-lit author Plum Sykes in an October article (subject: all the fabulous parties to which Ms. Sykes has worn long-sleeved dresses). We beg to…

Brand-Obsessed Chick Lit Makes Us Lose Our Breakfast (At Tiffany's)

Remember when we counted the number of luxury brand name mentions per page in the hateful YA series The Clique (1.8 brand mentions per page, for those of you keeping score)? Well in today's New York Times style section, Cathy Horyn takes a page out of our playbook and notes the number of products placed in the… » 7/24/08 12:30pm 7/24/08 12:30pm

Nothing Says "Maturity" Quite Like Heidi Montag

  • Clothing line Anchor Blue has signed Heidi Montag to be its new face. Because execs want to appeal to a "slightly older" demographic. No, really. [WWD, sub req'd]
  • Would you like to be Erin O'Connor's escort to a show during London Fashion Week? Well lucky for you she's holding a contest with Vogue UK. To win her hand…
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Sykes Sisters' Brother Too Pussy To Watch His Wife Reenact 'Knocked Up'

Tom Sykes is the brother of New York socialites Plum and Lucy Sykes. But is he as despicable as they are? We've always thought, 'no', since he is, you know, a drunk, and drunks are more fun and less thin than Vogue 'editors.' But he is so determined to try! Today he writes in Britain's Daily Mirror that he doesn't… » 8/02/07 12:00pm 8/02/07 12:00pm

'Vogue' Introduces Us To The New Sykes Sisters, And It's Suuuuch A Pleasure

Sometimes 'Vogue' runs a story so dumb it can only be responded to on its own terms, with an obsequious letter to the editor. If you thought last month's Arden Wohl profile was like that, you really mustn't miss August's piece on the sisters Poppy and Chloe Delvigne/Delvingne (either the magazine or Poppy's modeling… » 7/31/07 2:49pm 7/31/07 2:49pm