Online Dating: Horny Men Talking to Horny Men Pretending to be Women

In the weird world that is 2013, online dating is becoming more "normal" than ever, and why not? Everyone is a slave to their laptops and is too busy watching entires seasons of True Blood in single day to go outside and meet their future fuck buddy, let alone future soulmate. But when even star athletes start dating… »5/22/13 12:50pm5/22/13 12:50pm

Dating Websites Sued for Incredibly Classy Ads Featuring Soldier Killed in Iraq

Two popular dating websites have been using the same image of a handsome US soldier alongside text enticing daters to register with lines like "Soldiers want you!" A couple of problems: first, no one ever authorized use of the soldier's image for the sites, and second, he most definitely is not pining for an unmet… »2/28/12 12:00pm2/28/12 12:00pm