Chicago Playboy Club To Reopen In Hopes Of Luring Don Draper Wannabees

Soon you won't have to settle for watching TV characters objectify ladies in a retro setting. There are plans to open a new Chicago Playboy Club, just a few blocks from where the original opened 51 years ago. In recent years clubs have opened in Las Vegas, London, and Cancun, but they're all attached to casinos or… »8/31/11 10:49pm8/31/11 10:49pm


Gloria Steinem Calls For Boycott Of NBC's The Playboy Club

Judging from The Playboy Club executive producer Chad Hodge's declaration that the NBC drama is all about "empowering" women, he didn't bother to read Gloria Steinem's ground-breaking essay about going undercover as a Playboy Bunny. However, Steinem did read up on the new show and shockingly enough, she doesn't think… »8/09/11 9:12pm8/09/11 9:12pm