10 Things I Wish I Had Known When I Was Planning My Wedding

Between the life-changing proposal and the tear-jerking "I do's," there's the unique stress known as wedding planning. Even if your big day is a year or more out, many things might will trip you up. As someone who's been there and lived to tell the tale, these are the things I wish I had known in advance before my… »4/24/14 10:52pm4/24/14 10:52pm

If You Want to Stay Sane, Don't Let the Internet Know You're Getting Married

Unlike Jennifer Lopez in The Wedding Planner, the internet does not have your back when it comes to your big day. Tell the internet your secrets, and it will spill them the second any of those people you hated in high school come near your Facebook page, and it'll whisper to your groom's Netflix account that you… »3/14/13 12:00pm3/14/13 12:00pm

Michele Bachmann Rides In on Her Crazy Horse to Warn Us That Obama Kills Babies

Have you felt a hole in your heart lately? Is it, by any chance, in the shape of Michele Bachmann? Her particular brand of crazy has been sadly absent from our lives since she abandoned her campaign for president. And, frankly, we've all gotten a little lost without her. Don't get me wrong, we've still got plenty of… »3/08/12 10:00am3/08/12 10:00am