Missouri Planned Parenthood CEO Won't Be Held In Contempt By State Senate After All

Earlier this month, state senators in Missouri tried to hold the CEO of the state Planned Parenthood affiliate in contempt of court, and threatened her with jail time for refusing to turn over confidential medical information on patients. The Senate announced Thursday they won’t do that, probably because the action…

House Republicans Pretend Like They've Found Evidence That 'Baby Parts' Are Being Sold For Profit 

At a hearing Wednesday morning, House Republicans busily “investigating” abortion clinics claimed to have a smoking gun—finally—at last, indisputable proof that fetal tissue is being sold for profit in these here United States. House Democrats, meanwhile, said that “evidence” was absolute bullshit, with one Democratic…

Marilyn Minter: Women Have to Be Dead or Practically Dead to Achieve the Success of Male Artists

Renowned painter Marilyn Minter has been fundraising for Planned Parenthood for the past several years and has recently released a collaboration with Miley Cyrus and Marc Jacobs to benefit the organization. In a new interview with Artsy, the always fascinating Minter sat down to discuss her thoughts on reproductive…

Planned Parenthood Shooter Dreamed of 'Aborted Fetuses at the Gates of Heaven'  

Court documents are telling us more about Robert Lewis Dear Jr., the man charged with the murders of three people at a Colorado Planned Parenthood clinic in November. He looked up to a minister-murderer, thought President Obama was the “antichrist,” and spoke of “aborted fetuses” waiting for him at the “gates of…

MO Senate Is Moving to Hold Planned Parenthood President in Contempt for Refusing to Violate HIPAA

State senators in Missouri are trying to hold St. Louis-area Planned Parenthood president Mary Kogut in contempt of court, with the threat of jail time, for refusing to turn over private medical documents, many of which include information protected by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).


Judge Grants Injunction Stopping Release of More 'Sting' Videos by Anti-Abortion Activists 

On Friday, a judge in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California granted an injunction against the continued distribution of secretly recorded videos by anti-abortion activists. The deceptively edited videos—portions of which have already been released—David Daleiden’s Center for Medical Progress