Lawmaker Manages to Make Bill Written By Fourth Graders About Abortion

A passel of New Hampshire fourth-graders are a little more cynical about government today, after watching state legislators shoot down their bill to anoint the Red Tail Hawk as New Hampshire State Raptor. That'll teach you to think you can change anything, kiddos! » 3/20/15 10:10am 3/20/15 10:10am

NY Lawmakers Remove Abortion Rights Provision From Women's Equality Act

For nearly two years, New York state has been trying and failing to pass the Women's Equality Act (WEA), a ten-point bill designed to strengthen women's rights in the state. The sticking point has been the tenth provision, which would safeguard late-term abortion rights. After lots of fighting, supporters of the… » 3/17/15 12:40pm 3/17/15 12:40pm

Chris Christie Is So, So Proud of Slashing Family Planning Funding 

At the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington, D.C. Thursday during an interview with talk radio host Laura Ingraham, Chris Christie tried his best to woo a somewhat tepid crowd of conservative voters who are never, ever, not in a thousand years going to nominate him for president. So Christie rolled… » 2/26/15 3:00pm 2/26/15 3:00pm

South Dakota State Rep: Planned Parenthood Is 'Worse than ISIS'

South Dakota State Representative and red-hot thinker Isaac Latterell, a Tea Party Republican who's been in office since 2013, hates abortion. But so do lots of folks in the Mount Rushmore state, and so it's important for him to show he hates it even worse than other people, that he's the most ride-or-die pro-fetus… » 2/19/15 10:30am 2/19/15 10:30am

Appeals Court Strikes Down North Carolina Ultrasound Law 

A federal appeals court has permanently blocked a North Carolina law that would have forced women to undergo an ultrasound and hear a detailed description before being allowed to have an abortion. In their decision, the appeals judges called the law "ideological in intent and in kind" and said it "risks the infliction… » 12/22/14 4:15pm 12/22/14 4:15pm

Kids Learn About Sex, Gender and Consent; Parents Understandably Livid

In ninth grade, I took a summer class on health education. In it, we learned how to put on a condom, that being gay is okay and that trans people aren't freaks. My parents didn't bat an eye (except when I brought a lube sample home). Parents in Lafayette, CA, however are hopping mad that their kids learned how to say… » 12/09/14 9:00pm 12/09/14 9:00pm

New Study Proves, Yet Again, That Abortion Is Extremely Safe

A new study has affirmed yet again that abortions in the United States are extremely safe, with major complications happening in less than one quarter of one percent of the cases studied. Researchers at UC San Francisco, who tracked 54,911 abortions between 2009 and 2010, concluded that the procedure is as safe as a… » 12/09/14 1:30pm 12/09/14 1:30pm

Federal Court Strikes Down Anti-Abortion TRAP Law in Indiana

A federal judge has ruled that an Indiana law seeking to change the definition of "abortion clinic" is unconstitutional. The law would have required that any medical facility providing RU-486, the abortion pill, be defined as an abortion clinic, forcing it to meet the same stringent standards Indiana has created for… » 12/04/14 5:20pm 12/04/14 5:20pm

Quotes From Anti-Abortion Sidewalk Counselors Are Bad As You'd Expect

This summer, the Supreme Court decided that Massachusetts abortion clinics can't legally have buffer zones around them to keep anti-abortion protesters at bay, paving the way for buffer zones to be demolished across the country. » 11/17/14 5:00pm 11/17/14 5:00pm

Parents' Group: Planned Parenthood Will Turn Our Kids Into Sex Fiends

Parents in a California school district are freaking the fuck out because their kids are learning about sex from Planned Parenthood. » 11/07/14 5:50pm 11/07/14 5:50pm

MC Lyte and Samantha Ronson's Planned Parenthood Playlist Rules

Beyoncé's "Run the World (Girls)" is the first song, of course, on Sam Ronson and MC Lyte's new "Women Are Watching" playlist, commissioned by Planned Parenthood in order to raise further awareness for next week's election. » 10/31/14 11:50am 10/31/14 11:50am

All of These Celebrities Love Lena Dunham and Planned Parenthood

Lena Dunham's official book tour t-shirt is a pink little number that reads "LENA <3 PLANNED PARENTHOOD" in that awesome '70s book club font (shout out Elizabeth Olsen and Teddy Blanks). Last night, in advance of the November election, Dunham embarked upon an Instagramming spree showing her famous friends wearing… » 10/30/14 11:30am 10/30/14 11:30am

Planned Parenthood to Offer Birth Control and Counseling Online

Birth control for everyone! Planned Parenthood services are available online if you live in Minnesota and Washington state and need medication and, soon, counseling for sexually transmitted diseases. They’re basically a nurse in your purse. » 9/11/14 10:40am 9/11/14 10:40am

I Scream, You Scream, the Anti-Choice Crowd Is Mad About Ice Cream

Anti-choice advocates have been traditionally been focused on controlling what comes out of a person's body (an embryo), but they're currently broadening their horizons and getting all shook up about what goes in. And it's not even about penises this time — it's about ice cream. » 7/24/14 2:40pm 7/24/14 2:40pm

With a writing career that has spanned four decades, it should be no surprise that Judy Blume as seen some shit. In an interview with the Guardian's Alison Flood, Blume opens up about the hate-mail she's received, book-banning, and writing about puberty, among other things. » 7/12/14 1:30pm 7/12/14 1:30pm

SCOTUS Be Damned, Mass. Governor Hatches Abortion Clinic Security Bill

Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick doesn’t trust the Supreme Court of the United States and he’s tightening security around abortion clinics in his state to prove it. » 7/03/14 10:40am 7/03/14 10:40am

Planned Parenthood Petitions NBC Over Abortion Censorship

Planned Parenthood has launched a petition requesting that NBCUniversal CEO Stephen B. Burke stop "silencing ads mentioning abortion" after NBC allegedly refused to run ads for Obvious Child because the film's trailer mentions the word "abortion." As of now, the petition has nearly 10,000 signatures. » 6/23/14 4:40pm 6/23/14 4:40pm

Federal Appeals Court Says Kansas Can Defund Planned Parenthood

On Tuesday a federal appeals court ruled that Kansas can strip its two Planned Parenthood clinics of federal funding, in a move that's fairly obviously a retaliation for the organization's support of abortion rights. What a stunning victory for misogynists who oppose women's access to basic reproductive healthcare… » 3/26/14 9:30pm 3/26/14 9:30pm

For Sale: One Purity Ring, Gently Used

Some sly wit has put a purity ring (used) up for sale on Ebay. All proceeds go to Planned Parenthood of Los Angeles. A++ troll; two thumbs up. » 2/28/14 2:30pm 2/28/14 2:30pm

What's More Romantic Than A Valentine's Day Abortion?

Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards suggested via Vine yesterday that what women need for Valentine's Day is access to a host of reproductive care options — birth control, cancer screenings, well woman visits, breast exams, maternity care, preventative care, and, yeah, safe and legal abortion. But naturally,… » 2/11/14 1:40pm 2/11/14 1:40pm