Finding a Gym That Fits You Is the Newest Trend of 2014

Going to the gym can be as intimidating as the first day of school, especially if you're not already in shape. To fight that feeling, contemporary athletic companies like Planet Fitness advertise workout areas without judgement. Others like Downsize, in Chicago and Fort Worth, mandate that clients must be 50 pounds… » 1/20/14 6:15pm 1/20/14 6:15pm

Is This Bizarre Gym Ad Guilty of Bodybuilder Snarking?

Anyone who's familiar with Planet Fitness ads knows that their message, basically, is that people of average physical fitness can workout in a Planet Fitness without fear of being menaced by steroidal mutants. Sometimes, this message is conveyed clearly, and other times...this happens. Are flaccid-armed men being… » 9/10/12 11:20pm 9/10/12 11:20pm