The Slice Harvester, King of New York Pizza, Launches New Talk Show With All Women Punk Rockers

The Slice Harvester, also known as Colin Atrophy Hagendorf, is something of a New York City punk rock legend in that he is the only person on record who has eaten in, documented, and rated every regular-joe pizza spot in Manhattan. (The tally: over 400, as noted in his 2015 book, Slice Harvester: A Memoir in Pizza.)

Dreams Come True: British University Allows Its Students to Study Pizza

Gaze upon the image before you. Looks so good, right? Some—and by “some” I mean me—might argue that pizza is one of humankind’s few creations worthy of worship. It’s unclear where England’s Manchester Metropolitan University stands on the issue of pizza deification, but it’s worth nothing that they are now permitting…


Flavor Savoring in the Boom Boom Room: Pizza Hut Daps My Mouth-Hand

Not until Monday night did it occur to me how badly I wanted to own a shirt that said SAVOR THE FLAVOR. On a free-standing garment rack, wedged between an apron, a black vinyl puffer vest, and several other shirts of sartorial insignificance, there was a bright-red women's v-neck t-shirt demanding that I put a…