Hurrah: An Incredibles Sequel Is on the Way

Let the child inside you rejoice! There’s another Incredibles movie in the works at Pixar and Walt Disney! That means more Elasta girl and Mr. Incredible! We get to see what became of Violet’s invisibility powers, Dash’s … dashing and the baby, Jack Jack. In the film’s final scene, baby Incredible essentially had every … » 3/18/14 4:45pm 3/18/14 4:45pm

Watch this impersonator sing "Let it Go" in TWENTY-ONE Disney voices

We know, we know. There've been enough covers of Frozen's "Let it Go" by this point to play out from now until eternity. But voice-impersonator Brian Hull's may just be the most impressive of them all. Watch him sing Frozen's theme song in the voices of 21 Disney and Pixar characters. He totally nails it. » 3/15/14 6:24pm 3/15/14 6:24pm

Pixar Artist Gives Dark Scenes from R-Rated Movies a Whimsical Twist

Josh Cooley, a storyboard artist for Pixar, makes amazing movie-themed art in his in his off-hours — only instead of the usual Pixar-friendly topics like like talking toys, talking cars or talking monsters, Cooley illustrates stills from some of the scariest and most violent R-rated movies. Who knew that the hammer… » 2/17/14 6:30pm 2/17/14 6:30pm

Thanks to Brave, Each Pixar Movie Is a Chapter in One Huge Story

The Pixar animation magicians have created a vast and sprawling universe of characters, from humans, to animals, to machines, and even, please save us Baby WALL-E Jesus, to monsters. You might think that, with the exception of some Easter eggs (like the Planet Pizza Delivery truck from Toy Story) that keep popping up… » 7/13/13 2:30pm 7/13/13 2:30pm

Brave's Female Director Says She Was Hired for First Job Because of Her …

Brenda Chapman, the original director of Pixar's Brave » 10/23/12 11:55pm 10/23/12 11:55pm, claims she got her first job at Disney in 1987, because she's a woman. In fact, she writes that she was told in no uncertain terms that she was hired straight out of CalArts to be their first ever female story artist — it was some . Dang! I think it's rad that…

Brave Is the Latest Movie About Adolescent Female Archers to Become…

Brave, the movie about a parasitic clump of red hair and the young Scottish girl it's chosen as a host, has grabbed the number one box office spot with a $66.7 million haul this weekend, making it the fifth best debut ever for a Pixar movie. It's also the second movie this year featuring an adolescent female archer as… » 6/24/12 2:00pm 6/24/12 2:00pm

Atlanta Braves Concerned That Pixar's Brave Will Confuse Morons

When you first heard that Pixar is releasing a film called Brave you were probably surprised to learn that it's about a feisty Scottish girl, not one of the Atlanta Braves. Now it's emerged that the Atlanta National League Baseball Club, which owns the team, has been working for months to save other moviegoers from… » 12/20/11 9:30am 12/20/11 9:30am

The Trailer For Pixar's First Lady-Led Film, Brave

Of the 13 feature-length films in its 16-year history, Pixar's Brave—a story about a Scottish princess/aspiring archer who defies her parents—is the animation company's first original fairytale, first movie co-directed by a woman, and first narrative with a female lead character. It's expected to hit theaters next… » 6/29/11 4:10pm 6/29/11 4:10pm

First Images Of Pixar's Brave New Heroine

Pixar's Brave is a multitude of firsts for the animation company: it's their first original fairytale, the first Pixar movie to be co-directed by a woman, and the first female-led narrative. The movie, which takes place in Scotland, tells the tale of Princess Merida's coming of age and eventual defiance of her parents, … » 5/27/11 3:08pm 5/27/11 3:08pm

If Pixar Made A War Movie, It Would Look Like Apocalypse Meow

While the trailer at left features the same fluffy animals that populate most computer-animated films, Apocalypse Meow is definitely not a kids movie. Based on the Japanese manga Cat Shit One, the Animal Farm-like series features rabbits portraying American soldiers attacking turban-wearing camels in the Middle East. … » 5/21/09 2:40pm 5/21/09 2:40pm

There's A Singing Cowgirl In All Of Us; Why Won't Steve Jobs Listen?

  • Dear writers, producers & assorted executives of Ratatouille: Please put more female protagonists in your films. Heck, give Jessie from Toy Story 2 her own film! We effing love Joan Cusack! [Salon]
  • Feministing has published an ode to NuvaRing birth control. Might have been nice if they'd also mentioned that a woman…
» 7/03/07 3:57pm 7/03/07 3:57pm