Elizabeth Banks and Anna Kendrick Will Return for Pitch Perfect 3

Almost immediately after Pitch Perfect 2 hit theaters, Rebel Wilson told the Los Angeles Times that a Pitch Perfect 3 was in the works. That was in March and, at the time, only Wilson was confirmed for the film. Now The Hollywood Reporter confirms that Elizabeth Banks has signed on to direct the third installment of… »10/27/15 10:15pm10/27/15 10:15pm


We Came in Like a Wrecking Ball... to Watch Pitch Perfect 2

I was pretty nervous about Pitch Perfect 2; I left the first movie, immediately turned to my sister and said, “Can we go back in and see that again?” My adoration, coupled with the fact that sequels are rarely anywhere close to as good as the originals (and that PP2 was getting a ton of hype but mixed reviews), didn’t… »5/15/15 3:00pm5/15/15 3:00pm

Rebel Wilson Would Go 'Psycho' If She Tried to Be Funny All the Time

Rebel Wilson is on the cover of April's Elle Australia, looking smokin' in graphic prints a bold red lip. (Truly, Rebel, this is your lipstick shade—never let it go.) In released excerpts from the interview, she discusses Tyra Banks, nailing it in one take and the importance of allowing herself to not be funny every… »3/19/15 1:50pm3/19/15 1:50pm

Here's Your First Behind-the-Scenes Look at Pitch Perfect 2

If you can't wait until May to get your fix of Pitch Perfect 2, this segment from the Today Show should help to tide you over for a little while. Third Hour co-anchor Natalie Morales visited the set of the sequel and — while she learned few details about the plot — she did get to joke around with Rebel Wilson,… »7/07/14 3:20pm7/07/14 3:20pm

Anna Kendrick Blows Away Dave Letterman with Her Awesome Cup Playing Skills

Thanks to YouTube, cup playing has gone from a thing you did at summer camp in middle school (at least it's a thing that I did at summer camp in middle school [Ed: I've never even HEARD of this!]) to a full-blown trend showing up in TV, movies and on actual albums. In fact, actress Anna Kendrick is such a fan of cup… »10/05/12 5:15pm10/05/12 5:15pm

Women Make Dads Out Of Dudes With Deep Voices

Men with deeper, more "masculine" voices have more children than those with higher-pitched voices, according to a report from Biology Letters. Researchers from Harvard conducted a study on the Hazda, a group of hunter-gatherers in Tanzania, because the Hadza live much like our ancestors did, without the trappings of… »9/26/07 10:30am9/26/07 10:30am