Pit Bulls Get Good PR After Pit Bull Saves Woman from House Fire

Pit bulls don’t have the greatest reputation (Ontario, Canada, for instance, has a ban on pit bulls and pit bull-esque dogs), so they need all the good PR they can get. The new pit bull PR person seems to be doing a pretty good job of rehabilitating pit bulls’ image, too — he/she has gotten the word out that a pit… »5/05/13 12:30pm5/05/13 12:30pm

It's Puppy Time in Puppy Town for Pit Bull Appreciation Month

It's National Pit Bull Awareness month and when we posted about it last week, a lot of people posted pictures of their adorable bullies, and I got all misty-eyed looking at all those sweet potato pups. I was also listening to Sarah Mclachlan's Angel on repeat like it was 1999, but that's probably not related. »10/22/12 11:45pm10/22/12 11:45pm

These Puppies Playing Make Us Think We'd Want Human Babies if They Looked Like Puppies

Just look at those little maniacs frolic. That is the definition of frolic, my friends. Frolic, frolic like no one's watching, puppies! Relatedly, these look to be pit bull puppies, one of the best and most adorable of all the breeds, and it's National Pit Bull Awareness Month (along with National Meatball Month and… »10/15/12 10:00am10/15/12 10:00am