10 Things You May Have Missed On TV This Week

In this week's compilation of pop culture crap, Piper Palin is sick of all the bullshit, Sandra Bernhard recounts the first time she met Courtney Love, and apparently, horses can get herpes. » 6/03/11 5:16pm 6/03/11 5:16pm

She's had just about enough of her mother's tour bus. Legendary alum Tami Roman give a little wink to the camera…

Piper Palin Is Pretty Pissed At The Media

"Thanks for ruining our vacation."
—Piper Palin, a 10-year-old who's been misinformed regarding the nature of her family's road trip, to a Time photographer. » 6/02/11 1:55pm 6/02/11 1:55pm

Kate Gosselin Absolutely Abhors Sarah Palin's Alaska

On last night's episode, Kate and her eight kids joined the Palins for a cross-promotional freezing cold, rainy camping trip in the Alaskan wilderness. Kate was "miserable," saying, "Why would you pretend to be homeless?" So she left. » 12/13/10 11:50am 12/13/10 11:50am

10 Things You May Have Missed On TV This Week

In this week's compilation of pop culture crap, Martha Stewart's hatred of Sarah Palin, Spencer Pratt's spelling errors, and drunk idiots on MTV. » 11/20/09 5:00pm 11/20/09 5:00pm

Sarah Palin's 5-Part Interview With Barbara Walters

Barbara Walters sat down with Sarah Palin for a five-part interview to start airing on Tuesday, November 17 on GMA, World News, Nightline and 20/20. Sarah tells Babs that she had "no idea" her daughter Bristol was sexually active. » 11/16/09 11:20am 11/16/09 11:20am

Why In Hell Does David Arquette Have A Fashion Line?

Baby-Licking: The Best Thing To Happen At The RNC So Far

I'm not even stoned, but I cannot » 9/03/08 11:36pm 9/03/08 11:36pm stop laughing at Piper Palin fixing her baby brother Trig's hair by licking her hand and petting his head. Also, how about when all those people were chanting, "Drill, baby, drill"? Who knew that the RNC could be so campy?