Massive Study Concludes Pimping Ain't Easy, But It Is Kinda Evil

New research out today claims to offer a window into the massive, murky world of the underground commercial sex economy in eight major American cities, relying on interviews with 250 law enforcement officials, sex workers, and pimps. And, like one might expect, this unprecedented peek inside shows that there's huge… » 3/12/14 3:46pm 3/12/14 3:46pm

How Much Is Craigslist Profiting From Prostitution?

In 2010, Craigslist is expected to pull in some $36 million from sex advertisements. However, since many of the ads openly sell sex - often with minors - human rights groups are speaking out against the business plan. » 4/26/10 11:00am 4/26/10 11:00am