'Pimp-Shaming' Website Names Alleged Pimps, Gives Out Personal Info

In order combat sex trafficking, a city in California is launching a new website to "pimp-shame" suspected criminals. » 7/02/14 11:30pm 7/02/14 11:30pm

Massive Study Concludes Pimping Ain't Easy, But It Is Kinda Evil

New research out today claims to offer a window into the massive, murky world of the underground commercial sex economy in eight major American cities, relying on interviews with 250 law enforcement officials, sex workers, and pimps. And, like one might expect, this unprecedented peek inside shows that there's huge… » 3/12/14 3:46pm 3/12/14 3:46pm

Former Pimp James Lipton Thinks People Shouldn't Pay for Sex

The host of Inside the Actor's Studio and star of Arrested Development is a man of many talents — including working as a pimp at a Parisian bordello. » 5/28/13 9:30pm 5/28/13 9:30pm

Restaurant Asks Women to Bring Their Pimps to International Women's Day…

This L.A. restaurant's unfortunate Facebook status asking women to celebrate International Women's Day by bringing their pimps to dinner truly defines the phrase "missing the point." » 3/08/13 6:40pm 3/08/13 6:40pm

10 Things You May Have Missed On TV This Week

In this week's compilation of pop culture crap, Anderson Cooper finally meets Real Housewives Nene, someone gave 81-year-old Barbara Walters boxing gear for Christmas, and Bill Maher calls Ryan Seacrest gay—to his face. » 12/17/10 6:30pm 12/17/10 6:30pm

Super Bowl Sunday's Sex Trafficking Underbelly

The group that helped kick "erotic services" off Craigslist is now going after Village Voice Media's Backpage.com for hosting child sex-trafficking ad — and they want a crackdown before the Super Bowl, traditionally sex trafficking's biggest weekend. » 12/10/10 2:02pm 12/10/10 2:02pm

How Much Is Craigslist Profiting From Prostitution?

In 2010, Craigslist is expected to pull in some $36 million from sex advertisements. However, since many of the ads openly sell sex - often with minors - human rights groups are speaking out against the business plan. » 4/26/10 11:00am 4/26/10 11:00am

Pimpin' 101: Snoop Explains How To Control Prostitutes

In an interview last night for Snoop Dogg: On the Record with Fuse, host Touré asked Snoop how a man can actually get a woman to "go do something" and give him money. Snoop gave him a lesson in pimpin'. » 1/07/10 6:40pm 1/07/10 6:40pm

On The Shelf: Hillary Vs. Sarah • Study: Police Ignore Rape Claims If…

• Sad, sad news: Going Rogue beat Hillary Clinton's memoir in sales with 700,000 to Clinton's 600,000. However, the awesome Secretary of State received a much bigger advance of $8 mil, while Palin was only offered five. • » 11/25/09 5:20pm 11/25/09 5:20pm

Pimps Finding New Ways To Recruit Women, Girls

Two articles today discuss new methods of recruiting and prostituting teen girls. Two teen girls are accused of prostituting girls from their high school, and, in other news, "professional" pimps are taking their business online. » 2/26/09 9:30am 2/26/09 9:30am

Prostitution Prosecution

In today's New York Times, columnist Bob Herbert tells the story of a Queens police detective, Wayne Taylor, and his girlfriend, Zalika Brown, who are accused of kidnapping a 13-year-old girl and forcing her into prostitution. Allegedly the couple told the girl that they had purchased her for $500 — like a slave —… » 2/19/08 10:45am 2/19/08 10:45am

So remember last week when MSNBC reporter David Shuster caused a Clinton ruckus by saying that Hillary was "pimping out" daughter Chelsea by bringing her on the campaign trail? Well, writer and former call girl Tracy Quan, who knows from pimps, has a different take on the situation: Hillary isn't the pimp... it's… » 2/13/08 5:30pm 2/13/08 5:30pm