Birth Control Makes Your Cup Size, Blood Pressure Rise

According to a recent study, taking birth control could increase your risk of heart disease, even after you've stopped taking it. Dr. Jennifer Mieres, a cardiologist at NYU med school says, "What's happening is that being on oral contraceptives for 10 years seems to accelerate or hasten that buildup of plaque in the… »11/06/07 7:00pm11/06/07 7:00pm

Plan B: The "I Just Should've Swallowed" Pill

Canadians are known to be more progressive than Americans on certain issues, particularly health care, but we didn't know they could be so hilarious about it. Share Your Oops is a Canadian site created by Barr Pharmaceuticals, the manufacturer of morning-after pill Plan B, on which women are encouraged give a nickname… »10/12/07 2:00pm10/12/07 2:00pm