Promising Male Contraceptive Patch Could Soon Give Men the Freedom to…

For so many years, we ladies have benefitted from the freedom that whore pills give us to prance about town and enjoy our vaginas without a care in the world. But, of course, we are selfless creatures, and we've so longed to be able share this joyful hormonal liberation with our male friends. There have been lately… » 6/26/12 10:40am 6/26/12 10:40am

Vaginal Rings and Patches Found to Cause More Blood Clots Than the Pill

For some people, vaginal rings or the patch might be more convenient than popping a pill every day, but there's a new study out that shows they carry increased risk of blood clots. The study was done at the University of Copenhagen and used data from more than 1.6 million women. What the researchers found was that… » 5/11/12 12:50pm 5/11/12 12:50pm

Access to Birth Control Means More Cash Money for Women

Though Republicans have traditionally talked a big game about entrepreneuring and innovating and whatnot, the uninhibited flow of infants from vaginas, it seems, has finally supplanted the uninhibited flow of money into personal checking accounts as the foundation of the GOP's platform. Otherwise, how could we… » 3/29/12 1:10pm 3/29/12 1:10pm