Much to the Delight of Sharks Everywhere, Pigs Love to Swim

I mean, I don’t want to be the one to ruin this moment of, “Aw, adorable pigs swimming in the ocean!” but isn’t anyone else unnerved that there are three pigs and this video could totally be the set-up to a “Three Little Pigs” re-imagining with a shark instead of a wolf? The last thing we need is for sharks to… »10/19/13 3:00pm10/19/13 3:00pm

Let These Dog and Pig Friends Enjoy a Playful Romp All Over Your Heart

Dogs and pigs, living together — what's the world coming to if not one giant, adorable menagerie in which all the fuzzy animals love and nuzzle each other and all the bugs leave on a spaceship for a planet where they'll be more appreciated? It also seems about right to echo David Foster Wallace's incredulity at the… »6/03/12 3:30pm6/03/12 3:30pm

Donald Trump Hates Women as Much as He Loves Money

Donald Trump is in the news again for sparking yet another celebrity feud, this time with Cher. The singer made a comment last week on Twitter about his friend Mitt Romney, saying, "If ROMNEY gets elected I don't know if I can breathe same air as Him & his Right Wing Racist Homophobic Women Hating Tea Bagger Masters."… »5/18/12 11:20am5/18/12 11:20am

Awesomely Weird Herman Cain Ad Warns Americans They'll Get Pecked to Death by Chickens

Former Presidential Candidate and alleged serial ladygrabber Herman Cain's been on a bit of a media blitz lately. First, he appeared on Fox News to inform viewers that men like Mitt Romney because they're more informed about policy than "other people" (psst: women!). Now, a TV commercial that uses the bizarre… »4/12/12 11:40am4/12/12 11:40am