Piglets May Have Best Surrogate Parents Ever

The prevailing consensus seems to be that this dog is a French bulldog, not a Boston terrier, but I'm no Mayflower Dog Show judge, so shame on you for trusting my ability to identify dog breeds. The point isn't whether this dog is French or Bostonian — it's how responsibly it nurtures these wild boar piglets. By now » 9/19/12 11:15pm 9/19/12 11:15pm

Orphaned Boar Piglets Look Like a Cross Between Bambi, Piglet and Concentrated Adorable

"Boar" always seemed like an appropriately hideous word for a hideous, tusk-faced animal, but these orphaned boar piglets are pretty much everything you're looking for in adorable animals. They squirm, tumble, bottle-feed, snort, and, of course, stare longingly out of obsidian eyes so wide and reflective, they're… » 8/19/12 8:50pm 8/19/12 8:50pm