Overly Picky Brooklyn Women Are Destined Die Alone (Maybe With Cats)

According to online dating site AYI (Are You Interested?)*, single women in Brooklyn are the pickiest in the country. After polling almost half a million of its users around the United States, AYI deduced that Brooklyn, Detroit, Minneapolis, Cincinnati and Los Angeles were the cities where women were the least likely… »11/04/13 1:20pm11/04/13 1:20pm


Is Being Picky a Good Thing or Are We All Just Giant Assholes?

I know a lady who cannot, under any circumstances, be with a dude who doesn't have straight teeth. She just can't get into that, and the flipbook of her dating past is a parade of guys who all fit the profile: gleamingly straight chompers with nary an errant angle. I've lovingly mocked her many times for being too… »7/26/13 1:00pm7/26/13 1:00pm