Your Afternoon Cry: Piano Prodigy, 5, Plays For 101-Year-Old Fan

CBC Music arranged for 5-year-old piano prodigy Ryan Wang to play a private concert for a 101-year-old grandma named Dorothy Landry who isn't into "rock n' roll" or "all that modern stuff." And they hug and cry and it's touching as fuq. Because we were not already dehydrated enough by this damn weather without »6/29/13 2:00pm6/29/13 2:00pm


Batman Cosplay Piano Proves That Danny Elfman’s Theme Was Awesome

The new, gritty Batman movies are fine, but there’s one thing that they were all sorely lacking: composer Danny Elfman’s theme music. Also, a very BDSM Catwoman suit. Oh, and batsuits with nipples, clearly an innovation born out of late 90s sartorial decadence. If you thought Sonya Belosouva’s Walking Dead »4/29/13 11:20pm4/29/13 11:20pm

World's Best Airport Pianist Plays the Viral Songs That Get Us Through the Day

The absolute greatest airport pianist — which, where are there even airport pianists? Besides the 1960s? JK I know it's O'Hare, but it's still crazy! — starts it off simple with some classy classical and then transitions into the hits of the internet ages! It's truly something and I really wish it was longer. I can… »12/17/12 9:15pm12/17/12 9:15pm

Talented Hound Dog Plays the Piano and Sings the Blues

Almost every dog can tell you a sad tale of woe (usually about not getting enough treats), but not every pooch can provide his own musical accompaniment. This hound is pretty darn talented on the piano—it's especially moving when he takes a little break to sniff the keys—but the best part of the song is the very… »3/04/12 9:30pm3/04/12 9:30pm