Child Brides Are the Heartbreaking Subjects of Photojournalist…

Today, October 11, 2012, heralds the first International Day of the Girl Child, which the United Nations Population Fund, working in concert with VII Photo, will observe with an exhibition at the United Nations Headquarters in New York featuring photography and video productions from Jessica Dimmock and Stephanie… » 10/11/12 9:15pm 10/11/12 9:15pm

Paris Leaves Jail, In Pictures.

"She has fulfilled her debt to society and it's now concluded," said sheriff's spokesman Steve Whitmore. We beg to fucking differ. After the jump, a mini-photo gallery of Paris-is-back-among-us pix. She's wearing braids like she's fucking Dorothy and she just clicked her heels and out she came! We would so love to be » 6/26/07 9:10am 6/26/07 9:10am