Woman Almost Drowned by Her Heavy Gown During 'Trash the Dress' Shoot

Trash the dress shoots are controversial: Some think they’re cool and artistic, some think they’re pedestrian and tacky. What no one’s really thought before this video surfaced, however, is that these photo sessions could actually be deadly. But five people had to rescue this bride from her memory-making. »5/15/15 3:15pm5/15/15 3:15pm

Jilted Woman Destroys Her Wedding Dress In Awesome Photoshoot

What do you do when, a week before the wedding, your fiance calls you and says "just realized I don't love you. LOL SORRY!"? Some people might throw themselves a well-deserved pity party. Shelby Swinke, however, was all "fuck that noise" and destroyed her dress in a joyous photo shoot. Hashtag girl power. (Sorry, I… »12/30/14 5:20pm12/30/14 5:20pm

Marie Claire's "Outlaw" Look: $13,000 Gown & Black Lipstick

The May issue of Marie Claire has a fashion shoot that really pinpoints my love/hate relationship with fashion magazines. I get that they're selling a fantasy, which is why you'll find a microscopic raffia bikini on a Estonian girl standing by an African waterhole with a hyena, or an elaborate evening gown being… »4/21/08 4:20pm4/21/08 4:20pm