Sarah Palin Calls the AP ‘Absolute Jerks’

Fitness sensei and political nonentity Sarah Palin is not happy with the Associated Press, not happy at all. Really, she thinks the AP is full of "absolute jerks" who think snapping and posting a picture of Mitt Romney farting on schoolchildren is good journalism. Really, Associated Press jerkfaces — Mitt Romney's… » 10/11/12 10:45pm 10/11/12 10:45pm

France’s First Lady Wins Suit Against French Celebrity Magazine for Publishing Bikini Photos

France's brand-new first lady and well-known journalist Valérie Trierweiler recently won damages of 2,000 euros from the French celebrity weekly VSD for breaching her privacy and image rights by publishing a cover photo of her sunbathing, building sandcastle scale models of the Châtaeu d'If, bodyboarding, and whatever… » 9/05/12 10:25pm 9/05/12 10:25pm

Cleveland News Anchor Wins Lawsuit Against Hustler for Publishing Scandalous Photo without Her Permission

A federal jury has sided with Cleveland news anchor Catherine Bosley over Hustler magazine publisher Larry Flynt after a prolonged legal dispute over whether Hustler had any right to publish a photo it acquired of Bosley participating in a wet t-shirt contest. The picture in question had been taken in 2003 when… » 8/17/12 9:45am 8/17/12 9:45am

Anderson Cooper Gets Tough and Calls a Guy a Bitch for Trying to Take His Picture

Anderson Cooper usually seems like a big ol' pile of giggling niceness, but apparently early morning flights bring out a sharper side of him. He was on Kathy Griffin's Bravo show and told the story of little run-in he had on his 6 a.m. flight to L.A. for the taping. He was just sitting there—and oddly enough Johnny… » 6/24/12 8:00pm 6/24/12 8:00pm