I Will Rearrange My Entire Life Just to Avoid Getting on an Airplane

I dream when I sleep. In these dreams, airplanes are made of glass, runways are rickety roller coasters, and when I try to hold the hand of the person sitting next to me, his face is as blank as an unused easel. Then I realize his hand is cold because he is either a crash test dummy, or he is already dead.
» 5/07/15 2:50pm 5/07/15 2:50pm

‘Swarmageddon’ Terrifies People Who Hate Bugs, Obviously

People who fear bugs will be especially put upon during “Swarmageddon,” and you might never have figured this out if the cicada scribes at the Washington Post, a periodical chronicling the latest developments in entomology, hadn’t taken the time to explain that people who already hate bugs hate the idea of a lot of… » 5/19/13 2:00pm 5/19/13 2:00pm

And Now For More Pets Doing Stuff in the Bathroom

This Yorkie has developed an pronounced flushing toilet phobia and I think it's best if we don't ask why...but since we're here anyway, watching this poor, deranged creature bark into the echoing chasm that modern plumbing has opened in its otherwise serene home, what do you think upsets poor puppy so much about the… » 2/26/12 4:00pm 2/26/12 4:00pm

New App Claims It Can Cure Your Fear Of Spiders

The makers of Fear of Spiders Phobia Treatment claim the new app will eradicate your spider phobia, using "NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), visualization, and mind mapping methods." Essentially, the app lets you choose scary photos of spiders, then stare at them until you aren't afraid anymore. At $2.99, the app is… » 12/01/11 7:15pm 12/01/11 7:15pm

Meet The Poor Lady Scared To Death Of Kittens

Animal Planet's My Extreme Animal Phobia is still churning out episodes of regular people with animal-related fears and just like they did with man terrified of puppies, this week they forced a woman scared of kittens into the local ASPCA. While I feel for Sandra, I also appreciated her friend's assessment of the… » 11/28/11 2:20pm 11/28/11 2:20pm

This Week Gloria F*cking Steinem Pwned Manic Pixie Dream Girls

Gelotophobia Is Apparently "No Laughing Matter"

You know how a lot of women's magazines have "new trend" alerts? Well here's a new phobia alert! There's a slew of scientists, shrinks and sociologists over at the International Society for Humor Studies contemplating gelotophobia, the fear of being laughed at. (Yeah, it's a slow news day for all of us.) According to … » 7/10/08 3:30pm 7/10/08 3:30pm