Philosophy Has a Woman Problem

People say silly things if you tell them you're a philosopher. ("Tell me some of your sayings!”) People say particularly dumb things if you tell them you're a lady philosopher. People don't say anything to you if you're a philosopher who also happens to be a woman of color, because they think you don't exist. » 9/03/13 10:20am 9/03/13 10:20am

Philoshophy Prof Wisely Decides to Advertise Class With Sexy Schoolgirl…

Ever wish your college course websites looked more like lad mags? No? Well, philosophy prof Vincent Hendricks apparently did, because he posed for pics with ladies in sexy schoolgirl outfits — and then splashed them all over the site for his spring logic class. » 2/23/12 2:00pm 2/23/12 2:00pm

Female Philosophers Object To Sketchy Job-Interview Parties

At the nationwide philosophy conference where most new hires in the field are made, a cocktail party called "the smoker" is part of the hiring process. And some philosophers, especially women, would prefer that evaluation of job candidates take place in a less boozy environment. » 12/12/11 3:30pm 12/12/11 3:30pm

Philosopher Unsure If The True Self Is Gay

If there's one news story that it seems like we'll be able to rely on until the end of time, it's that of the "evangelical Christian/religious conservative who is secretly gay." Just a few quick examples, off the top of the internet's head: » 6/10/11 2:40pm 6/10/11 2:40pm

Philosophy Profs Propose "Shunning" Sexual Harassers

A group of philosophers say serial sexual harassers routinely advance and prosper in their field, and official university methods are ineffective at stopping them. Their solution: "informal shunning." » 3/30/11 6:20pm 3/30/11 6:20pm

Angelina Jolie Lends Her Name To Crazy-Expensive Jewelry

Fashionable Baby-Making: Stella Has A Girl, Nina Has A Boy

R.I.P. Marjorie Grene

Marjorie Grene, a scientist instrumental in creating the study of Philosophy of Biology, has died at 98. Dr. Grene was the first woman to get a volume in the "Library of Living Philosophers" series. [NYT] » 3/30/09 1:20pm 3/30/09 1:20pm

Why Don't More Chicks Believe In Life On Other Planets?

Yo, I'm sorry, but people of the internet, stop instant messaging me about my job and go read Drudge!. There are ALIENS out there, and world governments have systematically been covering it up for sixty years, and it is no longer just Dennis Kucinich and Jimmy Carter saying this but A GUY WHO WALKED ON THE MOON who… » 7/24/08 2:20pm 7/24/08 2:20pm

Hey, How Come My Deep Existential Torment Never Got Me Laid?

The economic crisis is driving college students like the stud in the picture to seek degrees in philosophy. "That whole deep existential torment...It's good for getting girlfriends." Hey, how come my existential torment never got me laid? And philosophy, why no chicks in that field? (Wait, I bet the fact that I am… » 4/07/08 1:00pm 4/07/08 1:00pm