'Defaced' Pro-Gay Billboard Censored By Philippines Ad Standards Council

A recent uproar from LGBT groups in the Philippines over a 'defaced' advertisement where a gay male couple's hands were blacked out has led to the revelation that the ad was self-censored, after the Philippines Ad Standards Council expressed concern about the photo. » 2/21/15 1:31pm 2/21/15 1:31pm

Mermaid School Is Real and Great For Your Health

The first time I realized that some people wanted to be mermaids is when I read a (probably deleted) Yahoo question that asked "How can I turn into a mermaid? Serious replies ONLY!" and included the fact that a water spell had not worked for the user. I hope she's reading this post, because now she (and you) can turn… » 7/29/14 9:40am 7/29/14 9:40am

This Commercial Totally Nails the Double Standard for Men and Women

A woman will often be called pushy for the same thing a man would be called persuasive for. Or she'll get called a bitch when he gets called a boss. We know this, but it's very rare that we see the double standard so plainly called out in a nationally syndicated commercial. Of course, now that that very commercial is… » 12/06/13 6:45pm 12/06/13 6:45pm

The World According to How Emotional Everyone Is

Ugh, El Salvador. Always on their period, right!?!? I can't tell you the number of times El Salvador has woken me up in the middle of the night because they just watched an ASPCA commercial and need to come over and eat some Ben & Jerry's. But then Russia—have you ever seen that dude upset? It's like, bro, sometimes… » 11/29/12 4:50pm 11/29/12 4:50pm

Boxes of Imelda Marcos’ Fancy Shoes Found Growing Mold in a Philippine Museum

Imelda Marcos, former Philippine first lady and current member of the country's House of Representatives, left behind a whole lot of designer shoes and clothes when she and her husband, former Philippine dictator and Barong shirt enthusiast Ferdinand Marcos, were forced into exile back in 1986. Unfortunately, after… » 9/23/12 1:30pm 9/23/12 1:30pm

Saudi Women In Alleged Uproar Over Beautiful Moroccan Maids

According to news reports out of Saudi Arabia, Saudi women are outraged that the government plans to allow Moroccan maids into the country to replace Filipina and Indonesian women, out of the belief that Moroccan women will seduce their husbands. Oh, by the way: There's a vacuum in the Saudi domestic market in… » 9/20/11 10:10am 9/20/11 10:10am