Classifying Severe PMS as a Mental Disorder Screws Women Over

If tired CBS sitcoms and hacky comedians are to be believed, ladies on they periods be crazy (chocolate & cats & wine & crying & Lifetime Original Movies & blanket clutching!). Now, thanks to the publication of the fifth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistics Manuel (the DSM V, for those of us who hate… »10/21/13 12:55pm10/21/13 12:55pm

Is the FDA-Approved 'Female Viagra' Pill Actually Effective and Safe?

A month ago, the FDA approved the first pill meant to combat sexual dysfunction resulting from menopause. It's called Osphena, and it purports to cure dyspareunia (pain during sex) by augmenting the declining estrogen levels responsible for "vulvar and vaginal atrophy," a terrifying term that implies that menopause… »4/30/13 4:20pm4/30/13 4:20pm

Ladies Be Moody: The Sad Sack Women of Anti-Depressant Commercials

Oh, Sepia Toned Lady Who Is Too Depressed to Look Out the Window! Ever since pharmaceutical companies got the go-ahead to market medication directly to consumers, she's been an advertising powerhouse. Sometimes she doesn't want to go camping. Sometimes she doesn't want to cook eggs. She never wants to play with the… »3/21/13 3:20pm3/21/13 3:20pm

Scandal Surrounding French Diet Pill Widens as Pharmaceutical Chief Is Charged with Manslaughter

A troubling new development in a long-running pharmaceutical scandal in France has people wondering just how much power drug companies wield in the country. The Guardian's Angelique Chrisafis reports that victims of a controversial (read: fucking dangerous) ampehtamine-derived weight-loss pill called Mediator have… »1/06/13 4:00pm1/06/13 4:00pm

Reader Email Haiku: I'm Gonna Pray For Your Soul, Ok?

The Jezebel inbox receives all sorts of interesting messages, from helpful tips to furious gibberish. Often, the missives strike us as poetic — in the chaos of the mailbag, we can find a sense of peace. As such, we have taken it upon ourselves to let some messages grow into the poetry they are meant to be. And we will… »5/23/12 5:30pm5/23/12 5:30pm

Mitt Romney Profits Handsomely from Premarital Fucking

Mitt Romney's unleashed some pretty tough anti-birth control talk this campaign season. He's stated repeatedly that he believes that life begins at conception, and that the morning after pill is murder. Interestingly enough, Mitt Romney's gigantic stock portfolio contains a fair amount of money actually invested in… »2/08/12 9:45pm2/08/12 9:45pm

Could This Be the Next Big Diet Pill? And Will It Fry Your Brain?

Pharmaceutical companies have long been jockeying to produce the next awesome weight-loss drug that will make you lose control of your bowels and die. The quest suffered a major setback in 2010 when two drugs were rejected for little things like wiping people's memories and giving rats cancer. But now both drugs are… »1/13/12 11:20am1/13/12 11:20am

America's Pets Are Lapping Up Prozac. Do You Think They Have Issues With That?

Pets act different on drugs. Anyone whose dog ever discovered pot brownies can corroborate this one. But antidepressants are increasingly being marketed to pets, because a drug company whose blockbuster drug just went generic can get a whole new patent when they make Prozac chewable and meat-flavored, and somehow this… »7/11/08 5:40pm7/11/08 5:40pm

Breaking breakout news: Scientists say they have discovered a cure for acne.

Breaking breakout news: Scientists say they have discovered a cure for acne. The drug, SMT D002, reduces the flow of sebum — an oil produced by the skin — by 90%. The pharmaceutical is in pill form right now, but researchers are working on a cream. While there don't appear to be any significant side-effects, let's… »4/17/08 12:45pm4/17/08 12:45pm

Marketers Of Weight-Loss Drug Really Like Them Some 'Round Table'

The start of summer is still two weeks away, but it's just 9 days until the new weight-loss drug Alli hits pharmacists' shelves! And as writer Gillian Reagan reports in today's New York Observer, Alli's manufacturer, GlaxoSmithKline, seems to have a soft spot for... pizza. (Who doesn't?) Not only are company's… »6/06/07 10:25am6/06/07 10:25am