Vets Hate Him: Dog Loses 75 Percent of Body Fat With One Weird Trick

Meet Dennis, a mini dachshund who has a new lease on life. Once weighing over 56 pounds (that's four to five Dennises) he's slimmed down and is looking fitter than ever, all with the power of one very important trick that can be yours for less than $1. Read on, and get your wallets handy. » 3/12/15 11:00pm 3/12/15 11:00pm

How You Raise a Pet May Predict How You Will Parent

Pet lovers may finally have a paw up in the argument that their pets really are child substitutes—at least when it comes to how they feed them. New research suggests there may be a connection between child-feeding and pet-feeding style, when it comes to determining obesity in both. » 2/22/15 4:15pm 2/22/15 4:15pm

No, Dascha Polanco Didn't Abandon Her Cats in a Taped-Up Box

Recently, The Hollywood Gossip reported that actress Dascha Polanco (Orange Is The New Black's Daya) abandoned two adult cats she'd adopted to make room for some adorable kittens. What an awful person, you may be thinking. But a little sleuthing has revealed that this juicy tidbit of gossip probably isn't true. So… » 2/11/15 1:40pm 2/11/15 1:40pm

Woman Found Guilty of Euthanizing Terminally Ill Neighbor’s Dog

A Pittsburgh woman is facing up to 10 years in jail after being found guilty of stealing the dog of her cancer-stricken neighbor and then having the dog put down. Jesus, what the hell is wrong with people? » 12/28/14 2:45pm 12/28/14 2:45pm

Cool Pope Says Your Pets Are Going to Heaven 

Pope Francis, the coolest Pope who ever Poped, assured humans during his weekly address that they will be reunited with their pets in heaven. Those of us who are going to heaven, of course. » 12/12/14 4:50pm 12/12/14 4:50pm

Who Gets the Dog When You Break Up?

It is the road most traveled: You partner off. The two of you move in together, get hitched or make a Kurt-n-Goldie-style life commitment to one another. You buy some throw pillows and if you didn't already have a pet, you go and find yourself a fur baby. Maybe after the two of you have realized you're capable of… » 12/12/14 2:05pm 12/12/14 2:05pm

Proof That Cats Are the Absolute Worst to Work With

If you are a cat person who dreams of one day working from home so you can spend your day in a peaceful home office, surrounded by your supportive feline friends, THINK AGAIN. » 10/26/14 8:15pm 10/26/14 8:15pm

There Are So Many Stupid, Expensive Pet Fitness Products Out There

Is your dog looking a bit hefty? Maybe breathing a little too hard while climbing the stairs? Need him in better shape if those YouTube vids are ever gonna go viral? Well, pull out your wallet because stupidly expensive weight-loss products aren't just for humans anymore. » 10/23/14 5:45pm 10/23/14 5:45pm

Officials to Kill Dog of Woman Infected With Ebola

As Ebola is becoming increasingly widespread (terrifying), governments are doing everything in their power to keep the illness contained. In Spain, that means Madrid's government has decided to euthanize the dog of a nursing assistant. » 10/07/14 6:40pm 10/07/14 6:40pm

British Dog Eats Thong, Has Surgery, Eats Another Thong

One day, great philosophers will answer one of the most challenging puzzles that has perplexed humanity for hundreds of years—why do dogs insist on eating your underwear? » 9/17/14 4:20pm 9/17/14 4:20pm

Ask a Mortician: How Can I Give My Pet a Good Death at Home?

Having your pet euthanized at home is more expensive, but for our favorite deathxpert, Caitlin Doughty, it was important, when her Siamese cat was sick with cancer: "If I had to do it again, a thousand times, I would choose this, every time." » 9/09/14 5:15pm 9/09/14 5:15pm

​Want To Honor Your Late Pet? Send Its Remains into Deep Space!

If you have ever looked up at night and gazed upon the stars like humans have for millions of years, and wondered, "Hey, what if I put my dead dog's ashes in a rocket and fired it way the fuck up there?" then have I got a special something for you. » 8/11/14 3:40pm 8/11/14 3:40pm

Yulin, China City Kicks Off Summer With Dog Meat Festival

The annual dog meat festival in Yulin, China is an ancient tradition for local residents to celebrate the summer solstice. An estimated 10,000 dogs were killed for the festival, despite efforts of animal activists to buy as many dogs as they could on the open market. » 6/23/14 2:20pm 6/23/14 2:20pm

Pope Francis Says: Have Babies, Not Furbabies

Francis has a rep as the Chillest Pope, but he's not lightening up when it comes to the command to go forth and multiply. The CEO of the Catholic Church does not approve of the childfree lifestyle, and he insists you should raise kids, not pets. » 6/03/14 10:40am 6/03/14 10:40am

Petco, Petsmart Will Stop Selling Made-in-China Treats

After years of concern over the safety of jerky treats made in China, including thousands of reports of sick dogs, Petco and Petsmart plan to stop selling treats made in China, phasing them out over the next few months.* » 5/21/14 12:40pm 5/21/14 12:40pm

Hero Cat to Throw First Pitch at Ball Game, Books Major Magazine Cover

Since saving her owners' four-year-old son from a dog attack earlier this week, Tara the Hero Cat has become America's favorite celebrity virtually overnight. And everyone wants a piece. » 5/16/14 12:00pm 5/16/14 12:00pm

Amazing Cat That Rescued Boy Gives First Television Interview

This morning, everyone lost their shit over Tara, the hero cat of Bakersfield who saved her owner's 4-year-old son from an unprovoked dog attack in one of the greatest cat videos of all time. Now, Tara finally speaks. Kind of. » 5/14/14 5:00pm 5/14/14 5:00pm