The Petraeus Scandal Gets Inevitable Taiwanese Animation Treatment

The best explanation of the Petraeus shebang (outside of Katie's epic guide) comes from insanators at Next Media Animation. If you need to explain the scandal to a small child or to someone who just likes to laugh, this is the video for you! Be careful, though, the sexy music might send the clothes literally flying… »11/16/12 9:40am11/16/12 9:40am

The Shirtless FBI Agent's Shirtless Photo Was a Joke (and Not a Sexy Joke)

The Seattle Times has identified the FBI agent who set off the Petraeus sex scandal by contacting Congress after Jill Kelley told him she was receiving threatening emails. As we all know, the mysterious man in question also sent a scaaaandalous shirtless photo to Kelley, a longtime friend. Except, as it turns out,… »11/15/12 4:20pm11/15/12 4:20pm