Is Target's 'Trophy Wife' Shirt Sexist Or Just Ugly?

Target is currently in hot water for selling an ugly shirt that might also be sexist. (Again.) The shirt is sold in the store’s women’s juniors section and features the word ‘TROPHY’ printed in a large, nearly-Beyoncé font. Angry customers have taken to social media to voice their complaints about the ugly shirt, and… »7/21/15 10:20am7/21/15 10:20am


Disneyland Paris Is a Hellscape with Shitty Food, Claims Petition

Complaints about the much-maligned (and little desired) Disneyland Paris might be overblown, but one thing seems certain from recent tales of how the park has fallen into disrepair: Disneyland Paris is a blasted, desolate murderscape, populated with roving bands of zombified Disney characters, terrible food, and… »9/15/13 2:30pm9/15/13 2:30pm

Fun-Hating Parents Petition to Keep Cosmo from their Children

A totally lame group of fun-hating parents demanding their children's minds be shielded from hypersexual content have banded together to petition that Cosmopolitan, the best magazine to read if you'd like to be sexually judged in airports, be concealed in the checkout area of their local supermarkets. Where's a girl… »1/06/12 6:15pm1/06/12 6:15pm

Remember the announcement that Hallmark is going to be rolling out wedding cards specifically design
Remember the announcement »8/25/08 9:20am8/25/08 9:20am that Hallmark is going to be rolling out wedding cards specifically designed for gay weddings and commitment ceremonies? Well the has called for an email campaign against Hallmark - and it only took them 4 days! - to alert the company that gay marriage is "unhealthy" and "illegal in 48…