Lucy Liu Wins The Dumb Medal In Bazaar's Fashion Olympics

The August issue of Bazaar »7/30/08 12:30pm7/30/08 12:30pm has Jessica Biel on the cover and a "Fashion Olympics" spread by Peter Lindbergh inside. The Olympics are being held in China, so they've chosen Lucy Liu, who was born and raised in Queens, to star in the photo shoot. Naturally. Unlike the April issue of , models posed and the athletes did…

Ashley Olsen, Isabella Rossellini Dress Old For Film Premiere

Experimental filmmaker Holly Fisher and photographer Peter Lindbergh made a movie together called Everywhere At Once that "exists on the dividing line between documentary and fiction" and is supposed to be the next Hiroshima Mon Amour. Oh-kay! Anyway, last night, Harper's Bazaar sponsored a screening of of the film at… »4/30/08 10:30am4/30/08 10:30am