Pixels Is Adam Sandler's Laziest Movie Yet, Somehow

1. Pixels is a perfectly acceptable idea for a movie that has unfortunately been Sandlerized. Based off a famous short film from 2010 that you can watch below—and you probably should just watch now, for free, thereby saving yourself the trip to the theater—it revolves around aliens who receive a time capsule from 1984… »7/22/15 4:55pm7/22/15 4:55pm

Will Charlize Theron Help Jennifer Aniston Score a Black Kid?

Jennifer Aniston, the quintessential grown-up Judy Blume heroine, has a lot of Very Important Decisions to make in the next few months as her wedding to Justin Theroux draws nigh. Apparently she's been quizzing Charlize Theron—mom of one-year-old Jackson Theron—about the process of adoption since mutual friend Chelsea… »3/15/13 9:00am3/15/13 9:00am

Give Yourself Over to Tyrion Lannister, Once and For All

Tonight we say a painful goodbye to season two of Game of Thrones, meaning it will be months and months before we get to spend time with the mischievous and winning Tyrion Lannister. Fortunately, most of his best moments from this season have been collected in one place so that we can drink in enough Dinklage to carry… »6/03/12 11:15pm6/03/12 11:15pm

Angelina Jolie Thinks Brad Pitt Is Prettier Than She Is

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are both routinely referred to as some of the most beautiful people alive, but it seems Angelina has decided who takes first place out of the two of them. Last night at the CAA party after the Golden Globes, she was heard gushing to her man, "You're prettier than me." »1/16/12 8:00pm1/16/12 8:00pm

We all have our…