How Backpacking Changed the Way I Looked

When I quit my job in New York to go backpacking in South America, I agonized over what to pack. I couldn’t, for instance, not bring my Ferragamo flats, even if it meant ruining their soles on dirt paths and crumbling cobblestones. I certainly couldn’t leave behind my beloved red lipstick—I wanted it for nights out… »6/17/15 5:00pm6/17/15 5:00pm

Peruvian Government Accused Of Secretly Sterilizing Thousands Of Women

Hundreds of women in Peru who believe they're infertile may actually be the victims of a horrible government policy that led to them being sterilized. The country's attorney general says there are about 2,000 documented cases of women who had their tubes tied without their consent under a program meant to provide… »11/18/11 5:00pm11/18/11 5:00pm