Are You A Night Person? Then You Are Voldemort, Says Study

A study by Dr. Peter Johanson, a psychologist at the University of Western Sydney, has found that "night owls" more commonly have the personality traits known as the Dark Triad. Unfortunately, while this sounds delightfully Harry Potter-related, it's just the three domineering forces of dickheadedness: specifically,… »7/27/13 2:00pm7/27/13 2:00pm


Study Finds that Bees Can Have Tiny Little Personalities

Honeybees, as it turns out, are nothing like the mindless, self-sacrificing drones that people will one day turn into once Netflix perfects its instant-streaming brain chip — they can actually be quite outgoing or even, according to a personality study conducted by entomologists at the University of Illinois, a little… »3/11/12 4:30pm3/11/12 4:30pm