I Was Right-Wing Until I Was Repulsed

I remember the first time I voted: Jeb was up for re-election as Florida’s gubernatorial candidate and I thought, why not? Actually, I thought nothing at all, I just went into the booth and pulled the lever, or pressed the button, or hung the chad, or did whatever the fuck I thought I was supposed to do to fulfill my…

Getting Slutty at Amp Camp 

I was born missing my left hand, and as a teen, I attended a camp for children with limb differences, which we lovingly called Amp Camp. In middle-of-nowhere, Ohio, with hundreds of other 10- to 17-year-old amputees, we did all the things able-bodied kids do at camp: we sang by the fire, we challenged each other on…

It Was Me and a Gun 

The solution came to me while watching the evening news: guns. I’d heard of people doing fire walks, beating pillows with baseball bats—even taking hallucinogens in the Peruvian rainforest. But I needed something more potent than an Amazonian shaman could provide.

3 Miscarriages and a Miracle

My sore 36Cs are trying to bust out of my bra; my nose has become bionic, smelling toast burn from two blocks away. I am nauseated but starving for oranges. I re-read the section on pregnancy from Our Bodies, Ourselves over and over again, and finally buy a pregnancy test, which confirms that yes, there is a tiny…