Women Are Less Confident With Personal Finances

Neither men nor women feel particularly confident about investment decisions, but women are less confident, according to study after study, including two new ones. Not everyone sees this as a bad thing, and yet it's arguably a mechanism of inequality. » 5/24/11 3:10pm 5/24/11 3:10pm

Keira Knightley Didn't Fuck That Guy From Pride & Prejudice For A Reason

We heart economists! (In fact, we were wondering why we never ended up having one night stands with them! More on that below!) Anyway, namely we love how they are always sprucing up the Dismal science by using their awesome powers of calculation for utterly pointless tasks like figuring out the net worth of, oh my god… » 3/12/07 10:27am 3/12/07 10:27am