I Thought This Elite Daily Essay About a Girl Realizing Her Date Had Died in a Car Crash Instead of 'Ghosting' Her Was a Parody, But It Is Actually Real 

Usually, a personal essay is based on something that has happened in a writer’s life that is personal to them. That’s why it is called a “personal essay.” Elite Daily, like XOJane before it, has been known to stretch this concept until it disintegrates into a soft pile of fragrant poo particles.


On The Internment of My Grandfather

I remember the exact moment that I connected internment with my family. I was in elementary school, and we had learned all about the New Deal and Franklin Delano Roosevelt in social studies. Later that week, I was at my grandparents’ house for a family dinner, and I was reciting all these things I had learned at…

We Need a New Word for Survivor 

I recently received a text from my dead brother’s girlfriend. I still think of Dana as Junior’s girlfriend even though it’s been 15 years since he was killed. We’re not close anymore, but her daughter, who was conceived the week before he died, is my niece; we remain connected through the trauma we shared.