Lindsay Lohan Published An Essay About 9/11, Plenty of Other Things, to Instagram

On Sunday, September 13, 2015, actress and wedding guest Lindsay Lohan published a 248-word essay on Instagram about the events of Tuesday, September 11, 2001. Because many people share stories about how the events of 9/11 affected them, that Lohan shared hers isn’t surprising. What’s notable is that the story is a… »9/14/15 2:55pm9/14/15 2:55pm


"Modern Love" Takes On The Mother In Law Cliché... And Shatters It

The "Modern Love" column, as we know all too well, can be an exercise in modern narcissism. But this week's essay, Diane Nottle's "Faithful to His Memory, and His Mother" is different: the story of a woman who, after the death of the love of her life, forms a lasting bond with his mother that ends up being a far… »12/08/08 1:30pm12/08/08 1:30pm

Frigidity & Stained Glass Windows: 'Modern Love' Continues To Prove Unhappy Families All Same, Dull

There are few disappointments in life as reliable as the New York Times' Modern Love. If there's a point to publishing the dull, self-conscious relationship redux essays of anti-social nincompoops, I have yet to discover it. When it's not about how mommy used to be slutty and had a lot of tattoos before lasering them… »12/01/08 4:00pm12/01/08 4:00pm

'Modern Love' Tackles The Drama Of The Self-Absorbed Dad

Did you catch yesterday's " Modern Love »11/10/08 1:00pm11/10/08 1:00pm" piece in the ? As we already know, the column might as well be titled "Neurosis And Narcissism," but even so, it can still leave you scratching your head and wondering what else you could have done with those lost five minutes. I daresay the latest dispatch is supposed to say…

Oedipus Rx: Or, The Single Creepiest "Modern Love" Essay Ever

The New York Times' »10/20/08 1:00pm10/20/08 1:00pm "Modern Love" column is frequently irritating, silly, and asinine. But it's not often that one of these gut-spillers leaves one feeling actually disturbed, vaguely dirty, desperate to talk to a therapist and maybe call social services. Such was the reaction elicited by Sunday's "," a mother's rant…